Summoned To Rise


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Recorded and mixed by Gus Rios
Mastered by Robbert Kok

Gus Rios (Gruesome/Malevolent Creation) Guitars/Bass/Drums
Alex Marquez (Solstice/Resurrection) Vocals/Drums
Dirk Verbueren (Megadeth/Soilwork) Drums
Tobias Gustafsson (Cut Up/Vomitory) Drums
Matt Harvey (Exhumed) Vocals
and Daniel Gonzalez (Possessed) Guitars


released July 13, 2018


all rights reserved




The band was formed by two ex - MALEVOLENT CREATION drummers Gus Rios (now on guitar) and Alex Marquez (now on vocals) with Daniel Gonzalez (POSSESSED) on second guitar. The band's debut full length "Summoned To Rise" was recorded and mixed by Rios and features guest drummers Dirk Verbueren (SOILWORK) and Tobias Gustafsson (VOMITORY) ... more

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Track Name: Create A Kill
Under the knife
Addicted to blood
Look in the mirror
Vomit in disgust

Praying will cease
Stabbed in the heart
Is the ultimate high
To see others suffer

Stalking your prey
Won’t know what hit em
Pounding away
Till no recognition
Sparing no flesh
Creating a monster
Target the innocence
Mercy not possible

Pleading for life
Falls on deaf ears
Burning alive
Laugh as you die
Craving the flesh
Death to you all
Feed on the weak
Fall to their feet

Innocent victims
Palm of your hands
Splendid obsession
Kill on command
The more blood the better
Rotting you bleed
Fatal assassin
Death’s all you need

Live for death
The only reason
The pleasures real
Stalk your victims...

Create a kill

Master, Disaster
Feasting on flesh
Pounding away
No sign of regret
Precise incision
Limbs in the air
Fucking your corpse
Death and despair

Who’s the next victim?
Stabbed in back
Sharpen your razor
Slice through your neck

Contorted vessels
Filling the ground
Eyes in a bucket
Your death is my crown

Solo Rios

Repeat Chorus-Bridge –Chorus
Track Name: Cold Blooded
This is not a random act
This is no mistake
You're the one I'm aiming at
The one whose life I'll take
Consuming my every thought
My plans take shape
Soon I will watch you rot
There will be no - escape!

Solo Rios

Now the trap is set
And the deadly snare is sprung
You deserve all that you'll get
Your time on earth is done

Your heartbeat starts to pound, as you turn to run
The streets are now my killing ground, and you're the one I hunt
You had to see it coming, think on that as you die
There's no use in running, and you know the reason why
Blood sprays across my face, the knife slashes through
The gutter is your resting place, but it's still too good for you
This is your reckoning day, a time to settle debts
This could only end one way, with your worthless fucking death

Solo Rios

Cold-blooded killing
Cold-blooded revenge
Cold-blooded murder
Cold-blooded to the end

This is not a confession
This is a story of revenge
Your death ends my obsession
But for you this truly is the end
Track Name: Crave the Blade
A cage your home for 30 years
Now set free to roam
Fucking culprits they will rot
Never fucking learn

There's no sure way to control
But to no avail
Try and fight its no use
All systems fail

Yearn and yearn
With every breath
Addicted to blood
Authorities have slipped behind
Better fucking luck
All is done
Pain is real
Consuming fear
Loving every death
As the victims fall

No one ever saw it coming
Turn around start running
No way to avoid malevolence
You know it all’s
I’ll see you fall
Beg for mercy
Scratch and claw
No one ever hears
Your empty cries

Lions loose and in a rage
Pray to God
Screams they fade
As if you were ever out of sight
On your knees see clear
No need to scream
They will never hear
Pathetic beings
Buried in blood

Knowing its sick
But cannot resist
Fit of rage
Now you crave the blade

Master of insanity
Victimized you die
Electric chair left to despair
Kiss your ass goodbye

A product of society
Killer victory
Heads on a mantle is his price?
Its what meant to be?
Obviously your operation
Waste of fucking time
Pack it up, take it home
Genius of a crime
Genius of a crime


Solo Rios


Repeat bridge

Solo Rios

Track Name: Decimate
Clear a path
Crush all in his way
Built to destroy
Is why he was made

Shows no remorse
There’s none to be had
Only one goal
Turn the world to sand

Pre Chorus:
Violent Reprisal
Resistance is futile
Close at hand

Decimate – Eradicate
Victimized – Pulverized

All left in ruins
No signs of life
Superior weapons
Superior might

Wrath of a titan
None stood a chance
Stripped of all hope
Slaughter of lambs

Repeat Chorus

Warnings were there
But none would adhere
Sign of the times
But none would adhere

Absorbed in vanity
And praying to gods
Living their lives
Searching for another one

No one can fathom
This evil existence
Slaughters his victims
Test his persistence
The final solution
In front of our eyes
Now we are doomed
Say goodbye...

Repeat Chorus

Solo Rios

Usurping - from below
Destroying - race of useless souls
None to react
Consequence accept the fact
There’s no survival
Regain the throne

Repeat Chorus

Feel the power
That he commands
A new assault
Laid into man
Not of the dead
Omit to defy
None can be saved
The end is in sight

Repeat First verse
Repeat Pre-Chorus
Track Name: Premeditated
Burn him to death
Still you prevail
No rotting in jail
Anger consumes
No life survives
You silence “they are dead”

Hate it consumes
Worship or die
Those that power hold
Serve and protect
Useless in your eyes
What’s your masterplan?

Meticulous plan
No time to be wasted
Perfect execution

Lay low and quiet
Till it blows over
No one saw it coming
Vicious assault
Haymakers drop
All gazing in horror

Disorient, annihilate
Hunters turned to hunted
Total control until the end
The hate revealed, confronted

Repeat Chorus

Slaughter, slaughter
Lambs led to the slaughter
Coming to fruition
Merciless descition
With flawless precision
The fucking plan revealed
No time to be wasted

Solo Rios

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Gauntlet of Pain
Since the dawn of time
Created by man, a brutal assault
None can withstand
Hell awaits
Tearing you down
There’s your demise
Hunts you down...

Bloody wounds, severed heads
Feel the pain, only begins
Dipped in blood, fear the reign
The end of you begins today

Crushed to death, you lay in shame
Your demise, the only way
Cause of death, beating laid
Crush your world, begin!

Gauntlet of pain,
Existing no more
Swallowed in black
Stood not a chance

Swallowed by parasites
Eating every inch alive
Rage within, consuming all
No way out, you have hit a wall...

Solo Rios

Stand or run, your demise
Seeking death, destroying lives
Cause of you, no escape
Overpowered by the pain
Fueled by hate, savaged thrust
Turning you into dust
Throw in the towel
Its over now
No tomorrow to control

Repeat chorus


Solo Gonzales

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Praise the Beast
She bleeds for Satan eternally
Soaked in red, she screamed
She felt the pain internally
Worse than she'd ever dreamed
She thought it wasn't real
But that didn't change a thing
In blood my bargain was then sealed
As Hell's tolling knells did ring

Blood will flow
Down below
Lucifer feasts
Hatred swells
Lust for hell
Praise the beast

My master thirsts for blood
My master feeds my hate
He despises all that's good
My master seals your fate

Soon many others followed
They're on their way to hell
It could be you tomorrow
There's just no way to tell
Watch the life leave their eyes
In pain they always scream
I feel nothing as I hear their cries
As if from some forgotten dream

Blood will flow
Down below
Lucifer feasts
Hatred swells
Lust for hell
Praise the beast

My master thirsts for blood
My master feeds my hate
He despises all that's good
My master seals your fate
Track Name: Reap the Whirlwind
You've crossed the line
Now we've ran out of time
And it's us who'll pay
For all your crimes
You failed to turn back
And now it's too late
Your greed and your hubris
Has sealed our fate

Our reckoning...
Death is beckoning...
Mankind is lost...
Return to dust...

Reap the whirlwind

The last chance wasted
Living like tomorrow never comes
But now we must face it
The fallout has begun
Too long diseased
Too long abused
While you fed your greed
It was our world to lose

We live like parasites
On a dying host
The world we took for granted
Was the thing we needed most
This dying planet
Will consume us all
Our deaths will be justice
We brought on this fall

Our reckoning...
Death is beckoning...
Mankind is lost...
Return to dust...
Track Name: The Sow is Mine
Taken by force
Inhabiting demon
Pazuzu will rise
No rhyme or reason

Instilling his will
Defying your god
Vomit the cross
Let it be done

Spitting on Christ
All watch in horror
Exorcism fails
Holy water burns
Taking this body
All hell is unveiled
The beast thats within
Is ripping entrails

Priests they abhor
What lurks inside
Helpless they are
To save this life
Watching in horror
Claiming the scene
Gates open wide
Hell is unleashed

Hands off in due time
The blood is spilled
The sow is mine

Marin absorbed
Evil consumes
The eyes of horror
Staring right thru
Unleashing the plague
All fear it is felt
When darkness falls
The evil it kills

A blood gushing yet
From my still spinning head
My lower half splitting
Gruesome intent
I levitate, all is unknown
Body contorted
Down stairs I crawl

While breathing
In windows they break
Out Marin plunges
Doomed to this fate
Body now tainted
Bearing disease
On for the ride
Taking to flight

Repeat Chorus

Broken messages
Bleed on my chest
I burn in hell
With the rest damned
The power of Christ
Compels you to pray
But him and his angels
Not with you today
By infinities sake
You have no power
Tortured existence
Might as well cower

The power of Christ compels you...

Solo Gonzales

Repeat pre-Chorus


Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Show of Force
Clenching of fists
Lash out in rage
Leaving a mark
There’s no other way

To conquer the world
The only solution
Total control
Fitting conclusion

Blood on our hands
From those who oppose
So unexpected
Not know what to do

Ha! We won’t fail
Here comes the pain
Ripping out hearts
Taking no names...

Seemingly endless
The faiths of man
Deep to their knees
At our command
Showing no mercy
Destroying the world
Fuck all the pleas
Spreading disease

Taking no chances
Total extinction
Rise for the cause
No matter the cost
Uncertain future
Rising the blame
Perish in flames
Rotting away

Power... Show of force we devour,
Power... Take the reigns and never cower
Power... Show of force we devour
Power... Rotting all away

Repeat Chorus

Breaking bones
Burning flesh
All shall burn
Nothing left
Killing all
No one’s spared

To defy no one dares
To survive no one can
Let them die
No excuses

Suffer all in vain
I am lord
Of your pain

Solo Rios

Repeat Chorus


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